Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Chisholm Trail Block - Michele

Chisholm Trail Block

Hi everyone!  This is Michele of calicodaisy handmade.  After much agonizing and fabric arranging and block reviewing, I decided on and sewed up my block for the Round Robin exchange.  Rene has been very patient reading my apologetic e-mails while my choices were made.  Thanks Rene!  

While checking out Quilters Cache for a suitable block, I came across a pattern that made the decision for me.  The Chisholm Trail block - our family name!  

After deciding the color scheme, I sewed up my block.  I'm not very experienced with piecing blocks, so this one was a bit fiddly to handle, but I think it turned out well.  My package that travels around will include 11 little baggies with the proper amount of Kona Snow cloth for you to use.  My request of each participant is that you choose two fabrics from your stash, red and robin's egg blue, to complete the block.  It will be great if your choices have a petite print of dots or something modern but not fruit or fussy flowers, please.  Of course, I'll have all this information with the package. 

Not that I haven't seen this color combination before, as have you, but the quilt that inspired my final choice was one created by Angie at My Three Sons.   

I'm looking forward to working on each of your blocks over the next year!


  1. that's a nice looking block and look like it might require a trial run...lol..

  2. Michele, That is a pretty block. I think your fabric choices will be very pretty in a quilt.