Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More blocks

I finished a few today....
Pats....I really liked this one! 

Carol's. I hope you like them! 

Now they are off to Alicia (sorry Pat, Alicia asked for them! But I think she will send yours back to you once she is done).


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Christmas In July For Lynn

Whew!  The. Pressure. Is. Off!  Sewing Lynn's Christmas block takes care of the backed up packages! 

Several shouts and sighs could be heard from my sewing room the last two days while putting this block together.  The corner blocks got me, and I sewed two corner sets three times.  I actually ran out of the neutral fabric, so I had to piece some fabric together and cut the triangles out individually. 

2010 Round Robin - Lynn's Block 

Finally, though, the corners came together and matched sides with the center block.  Looks like Lynn will have quite a lovely quilt when all the blocks are joined together.  -- michele

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Snail's Trail for Pam

This block turned out to be my best pieced work yet!  It helped that I found a lovely little choice on my machine screen named "1/4"."  Hello?  How long have I had my machine and didn't notice that -- 6 years!  So, I didn't have to mark out quarter-inch lines; the machine did it all perfectly for me, and I have a 12.5" square for Pam!  Very gratifying for me, too. 
The snail trail block looks so much more impressive in person.  I wasn't sure how to get a good shot of this one, and the blocks Pam made herself are very striking with the deep, rich colors she used.  You'll enjoy making this block. 

You know, things became a bit backed up on this end with the loss of one of our members in the spring, no packages at all for me to sew until May, and then nearly five packages of blocks for me to sew showing up within a few weeks of each other right when my work away from home increased.  Along with that, sewing pieced blocks is new for me, and I'm driven to perfection and matching styles, so, despite my newish quilting skills, a lot of thought goes into thinking through the design each member has chosen as well as choosing the most perfect fabric for the block in the hopes that each of you will be very happy with my work when the piece arrives at the end of the round robin.  I hope the blocks are worth the wait on your end; I'm enjoying working through each little project.  -- michele

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Christmas Tree Block for Margaret

Not knowing for sure what to do for Margaret, I checked out some tutorials and saw one on the purl bee for small trees and bounced from there.  I have to say, I am EXTREMELY pleased with the exact 12.5" outcome of this block!  That would be because it was freestyle, and I straightened and measured as I went along, and 1/4" seams did not matter!  
What do you think?  Can you see the trees for the forest of calicos?  

-- michele