Sunday, January 10, 2010

I can sure tell this swap is going to be alot of fun, cant wait to get started, I have my package ready to mail out.
This block is called Double Aster and just happens to be one of my favorite blocks, not only the end results but to make. It is very easy!
I am so looking forward to each of your blocks colors, all colors under the sun. Would like complementary colors to be put together in each block, and yes I will make more than one block , just request it, like those have here and I will do it. Did I ever tell anyone that I LOVE making blocks and sit at my sewing machine nearly all day and at least til 10:30 every night. I had both legs operated on in 2009 which caused me to have to sit while recovering, well what else to do but sew, I discovered block swaps and the rest is history, I am addicted! I am several other swaps with some of you. Love them all!
I will be sending the black background fabric and a individual pattern for each of you, it is on quilterscache, I owe them the credit for this fun block.
Let the block making begin!
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  1. Sounds like a really fun block! I get maybe 25 minutes at a time to sew, wish I had more time in a day!

  2. I really like the fabrics you used, and the movement you created with your fabric choices. I think you did a real nice job. This sure sounds like fun. Just getting started on my blocks, and I will make more than one also, no problem. Sorry to hear about your illness, but seems you have overcome with your quiltmaking. God bless.