Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Trees!!


It's always fun to be doing another swap (as though I don't have enough pans in my fire already!!). Thought I'd just say a quilt "Hi", and show the 4 blocks that I have made to which you will be adding to. If you are willing to make 2 blocks rather than just one, I will do the same for you when I get your blocks. I have just one request of my 12.5" blocks...please send a small scrap of one of the fabrics you used (somewhere around a 4"x4" or 3"x12" or whatever size scrap). I'd like the next people to consider trying to use one or more of the scraps with the blocks so that when I get all blocks back, they really look like they are homogenous.

In case you can't tell, my design for these blocks is fanciful Christmas trees. They may be completely whimsical and modern or very much more traditional in design. I love the variety, but I prefer that these are NOT appliqued. I don't mind some of the holiday prints, but not novelties. I like a red and green only color theme, with bits of white, tan and brown being also acceptable. No beige/off-white please. If you do choose to use whites, kindly avoid the thinner (cheaper) ones which the dark threads show through. I think Kona and Bella are good weight solids. I will sash the blocks in white, so if you use a border, please select a color for it besides white. Have fun!!


  1. Great! You should have a very fun quilt to put together. -- michele

  2. Your tree blocks are great. I read on your blog that you were wanting to do trees, so I have been looking around for ideas :) It is going to be fun.

  3. Love your trees. Will see what trees I can find to make your quilt happy too!