Tuesday, January 19, 2010

batik leaves

Hello to everyone - I'm excited about starting our round robin, it will be great fun to participate in everyone's design ideas!

I've finally decided on my round robin request. I moved to Connecticut from Washington State 12 years ago. Fall colors are one of my favorite things about New England, and I thought it was about time I made a maple leaf quilt.

This is my inspiration quilt.

Here are the blocks I made:

I have a great orange and green batik which has been sitting in my stash for years which I plan to use for the border and/or sashing. I would prefer mostly batiks, batik-like or tone-on-tone fabrics for the leaves and background, but I am very open to colors. I like whimsical quilts, and realistic accuracy is not important to me in this case. I would like the leaves to be 9.5" unfinished, and a classic leaf pattern can be found lots of places, here is one. However, if you have a different leaf pattern or want to try a free-form leaf, go for it!

I'm excited to see what returns to my mailbox in 12 months!


  1. Great choice Wendy. I love your blocks :)

  2. Picked up a few batiks today, so I'am excited about making these blocks for you. Got the pattern okay, so ready to go. Your blocks are just darling, Wendy.