Sunday, July 18, 2010

Snail's Trail for Pam

This block turned out to be my best pieced work yet!  It helped that I found a lovely little choice on my machine screen named "1/4"."  Hello?  How long have I had my machine and didn't notice that -- 6 years!  So, I didn't have to mark out quarter-inch lines; the machine did it all perfectly for me, and I have a 12.5" square for Pam!  Very gratifying for me, too. 
The snail trail block looks so much more impressive in person.  I wasn't sure how to get a good shot of this one, and the blocks Pam made herself are very striking with the deep, rich colors she used.  You'll enjoy making this block. 

You know, things became a bit backed up on this end with the loss of one of our members in the spring, no packages at all for me to sew until May, and then nearly five packages of blocks for me to sew showing up within a few weeks of each other right when my work away from home increased.  Along with that, sewing pieced blocks is new for me, and I'm driven to perfection and matching styles, so, despite my newish quilting skills, a lot of thought goes into thinking through the design each member has chosen as well as choosing the most perfect fabric for the block in the hopes that each of you will be very happy with my work when the piece arrives at the end of the round robin.  I hope the blocks are worth the wait on your end; I'm enjoying working through each little project.  -- michele

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  1. Michele, Michele, Michele!!! WOW! That block is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! I absolutely ADORE it!!!! Thank you for the time and care that you put into your work. You may be a new piecer, but your work does look like that of an experienced and talented artist. There IS an ART to piecing! You've got the TOUCH! Thank you!