Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Christmas In July For Lynn

Whew!  The. Pressure. Is. Off!  Sewing Lynn's Christmas block takes care of the backed up packages! 

Several shouts and sighs could be heard from my sewing room the last two days while putting this block together.  The corner blocks got me, and I sewed two corner sets three times.  I actually ran out of the neutral fabric, so I had to piece some fabric together and cut the triangles out individually. 

2010 Round Robin - Lynn's Block 

Finally, though, the corners came together and matched sides with the center block.  Looks like Lynn will have quite a lovely quilt when all the blocks are joined together.  -- michele

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  1. ...and as always, Michele, your blocks are gorgeous! I just love the fabric combination and the color placement in the block! Great job!