Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rainbow Block for Rene

Rainbow block for Rene - Michele

Ladies, I'm on a roll!  The Rainbow Block Rene chose is a great one.  Beyond being a stash buster and easy to make, it is a very good block to feature a pretty fabric line, like the Meadowsweet I love so much.  I've been trying to collect all the pieces of the Meadowsweet group the last couple of months and have wondered how to feature each colorway.  This block could give a peek to each style and variation of the line without using too much and could be sashed in one of the larger prints.  Sounds like a plan! 

So, the only trick left here is for me to remember where I'm putting Rene's block until the package comes my way.  As soon as I create the place for it, I'll post it here so I can refer back! 


  1. I love the block. Can't wait to get it.

    I am like you. I have to make note of where I put things because I hide them too well :)

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention...I am so happy that the red and white fabric (upper right corner) made it as one of the squares. I just love that fabric!

  3. hi michele,
    I know this is the wrong place, but I was here! Your embroidery arrived today and will look fabulous when I get that block inserted into the quilt. Many, many thanks!!

  4. That is so pretty!! I love that block, I think I might make me a quilt like that one day!