Saturday, May 29, 2010

Michele's Block Update

Hi Ladies!  Hope you are getting to enjoy a 3-day weekend.  Today is my first day off since May 2!  The joys and slight pain of running one's own business, but all is well.   There hasn't been much time in the schedule or room in my brains for creativity the last four months or so.  I had no idea how hard my schedule would become while working with an account I took on six months ago.  That account is finished as of two weeks ago, and blue skies are ahead --- as well much needed time in the sewing studio! 

Pam sent me Margaret's blocks last week.  I just opened the package, and Margaret -- You will love your blocks when they get back to you.   

Carol sent me her batik block, which I received in early May.  I have the batiks ready to go. 

Sometime last month, one of you asked if you could send me one large package of the backed up blocks.  I thought it was Pam when her bulky package arrived, but the package just includes Margaret's blocks.  So, if you know you've sent me a package, please let me know, as I have a mountain of mail to go through.  I'm organizing the studio this weekend and getting ready for a sew marathon in June, and my round robin blocks are top priority. 

Since it isn't pretty to have a photo-less post, I'm taking the opportunity to show off this 93-piece block made for my other bee, One Block Over, back in March.  It wasn't too bad to put together, but that could have been because I only had one block to sew and the bee partner precut all the pieces for us!  How I wish I could have an entire quilt made of this block!  It would be something to cherish.  -- Michele

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  1. PHEWWWW! THAT is a beautiful block and while I was admiring it; I was hoping that it was not your block Michele, lol. (your's is the cross, right?). That block looks scary, but yes, I also would love that quilt and can't wait to see it finished! YES, that was me, but I wanted to get the packages out, so I only sent you the one. I've done another block (posted) and am working on the pinwheel flower block...Lynn and Pat's blocks...not sure which is which right now. I will be sending those and my blocks...was kind of waiting and hoping my blocks might show up...okay, I'll mail them on Tuesday and post pics. My blocks will probably look different from my original posting.
    hugz, Pam